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Thailand, View Talay 5, Dongtang Beach

Pattaya City
2 guests, 1 double bed, 1 bathroom. Condo just for you alone.

Your Apartment In Pattaya

The stylish and cozy apartment is located 250 meters from the beach / Dongtan. It is fully furnished. The large balcony offers a unique sea view. The bright living room is lovingly furnished with a comfortable bed, nice seating and a fitted kitchenette. The kitchenettes offer you enough space with a fridge, a hotplate and a sink to prepare fresh regional products or to have a small snack.

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Right On The Most Beautiful Beach in Pattaya

The clean sands are easy and quick to reach. The warm sea is already there for swimming and having fun. Don’t forget your flippers! Thanks to the short distance of 250 meters to your luxury apartment you have the opportunity to go swimming in the Gulf of Thailand at any time.

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Excursions And Discoveries

Go on a discovery tour. Experience the special flair of the beautiful, idyllic surroundings with the modern mountain bikes. Cycle along the coastal road or take a day trip to nearby Bangkok. The traditional temples or the historic town are easily accessible by bike. There are also “sneak tracks” where you can explore the city safely and at your own pace.

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Back In Your Luxury Apartment

After a trip to Bangkok or Pattuya you can freshen up in the small bathroom for the evening. Then, thanks to the fan and air conditioning you can review the trip in the cool room with a bottle of local wine. For a relaxing evening you also have the option of using the WiFi and cable TV. A delicious gourmet meal or just a fresh salad or vegetables – just perfect.

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